Reviews   |  Heather and J.P.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.

We have grown together as a couple and learned from the tools you provide for us, our conversations together and our conversations with you. I will never forget the tips you have passed along and the importance of putting our marriage first. We have grown together throughout the experience. I really enjoy how the focus is on us and communicating with each other! It opens so many other doors in our relationship. This experience has been very beneficial. Thank you. Heather

Thank you very much for the wonderful conversations that I was able to share with my fiancé. At first, I was skeptical of the effectiveness of simply having conversations, but Heather and I discovered that each dialogue we had was another opportunity for us to learn about each other, overcome our differences, and grow together. We also enjoyed your insights on personality differences and other tools that can lead us to a positive marriage. I can definitely say that your program opened our conversation to new places and ideas. While sometimes this was uncomfortable, we definitely grew together through the experience. I am extremely grateful for the time you invested in us and wish that others have the opportunity to experience this program. Thanks again! Warm regards, J.P.