About the classes

Marriage preparation classes focus on you and your love for each other.

Whether you take the course in person with Rev. Dr. Nelson or choose the online eCourse option, you will complete ten, guided conversations from Rev. Nelson’s book, “The Greatest Is Love.” Couples speak of how easy, enjoyable and insightful the conversations are. Click on more for details about classes.

Discussion topics are designed to help you deepen your love and understanding!

  • Before We Say “I Do”
  • Our Parents
  • Our Love Life
  • Leisure and Work
  • Faith
  • Children
  • Money
  • Doing My Part
  • Issues
  • Our Wedding Day

You will explore your strengths as a couple and the opportunities for growth.

In addition to the ten talks, you will have the opportunity to complete a brief, online inventory called Prepare-Enrich. Couples taking the online course have the option of using the online Couple CheckUp. Both inventories are designed to make you more aware of your strengths and growth areas. You will receive an informative report that will enrich your love and help you to appreciate the unique personality you each bring to your marriage.

During the third and last session with Rev. Frank you will practice an effective, guided way to talk through issues, conflicts and decisions.

What couples say about this course:

  • “The marriage preparation classes were something I really enjoyed and learned a lot from. Not only did Jon and I learn a lot about a successful marriage, we learned how many tools we have already developed.” Read more »
  • “It was a very helpful format and very relaxed atmosphere. I never felt intimidated or put on the spot – and I was afraid of that. I appreciate your words of encouragement and advice.” Read more »
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to take time out of our busy schedules and discuss important aspects of marriage. You created a very open environment that made it easy to discuss the topics together.” Read more »
  • “The conversations we have had and started have reaffirmed the rightness of our being together while also bringing up things we may not have, or may not have thought to, talk about before.” Read more »

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