What is the focus of marriage preparation? Do we really need it?

During Rev. Frank’s course, you’ll grow closer, understand each other that much more and deepen the love you already enjoy. The focus will be to strengthen (not evaluate) your relationship. Instead of long, tedious classes it will feel more like a series of romantic “conversation dates.” You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the experience!

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How is Rev. Frank’s approach unique?

Rev. Frank’s 40 years of experience working with engaged couples gives him a genuine passion for working with couples preparing for marriage. Couples often comment that his approach is open and non-judgmental, very relaxed, engaging and fun. His focus is on you and the unique relationship you enjoy. During the course you’ll engage in hours of great talks with each other, and most of your guided conversations will be in private on your own schedule. You’ll be able to step away from the details of wedding planning and focus more on your relationship and the lifetime of love and joy you are looking forward to in your marriage.  Learn more »

There are now three options for completing this marriage prep course.

1. The one-on-one option allows you to meet in person with Rev. Nelson for three two-hour sessions. This, in many ways, is the best option if you can afford the time. ($295)

2. The second option is to do one of the online eCourses found at www.onlinemarriagepreparation.com. ($95) For a limited time receive a $20 discount when you choose one of the three eCourses offered. To receive your discount enter the code SAVE20 and you’ll pay only $75 instead of $95 for the eCourse of your choice. Complete the online inventory, and you’ll receive $75 back on the cost of your Minnesota marriage license.

3. The third option is to take the online eCourse and complete sessions one and two online, and then meet with Rev. Frank in person for session three. ($60 in addition to the cost of the online course)

When you complete any of the courses in the state of Minnesota, you can receive a $75 discount on the cost of your marriage license. Learn more » Many of the couples Rev. Frank works with find a great value in having the person who walked them through marriage preparation be the same one who stands in front of them on their wedding day to lead their ceremony. Rev. Frank draws from a career in writing, as well as, 40 years of pastoral experience to design one-of-a-kind ceremonies that are personal, relaxed, memorable and unique for each couple. Learn more »